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Further development and reproduction of Brucella occurs in the lymph nodes, from where they periodically penetrate into the bloodstream, resulting in repeated attacks to the spread of infection throughout the body. In response to infection, antibodies are produced, phagocytosis is stimulated (absorption by immune cells of Clozaril), which leads to the disappearance of the causative agent of brucellosis from the blood and a change in the clinical picture of the disease (smoothing of symptoms). However, bacteria often persist in some organs and tissues where they escape the harmful effects of the host's immune system. This leads to a chronic disease.

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Also, with a long course of the disease, sensitivity to foreign agents increases, primarily due to the development of allergic reactions to the brucellosis antigen. This radically changes the course of the immune process - against this background, repeated (multiple) generalization occurs, in which Brucella leave the metastatic foci, enter the blood again, leading to the development of clozapine pill. Classification and stages of development of brucellosis.

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After entering the body, pathogenic bacteria move to the regional lymph nodes. There they multiply and then enter the bloodstream, releasing toxins and leading to the first signs of the disease. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) classifies brucellosis depending on the type of pathogenic bacterium.


The infectious disease doctor G.P. Rudnev in 1966 identified five forms of clozaril pill brucellosis, based on the clinical picture of the disease. Epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist V. I. Pokrovsky singled out four forms of the course of the disease. Regardless of the form, treatment is carried out in the infectious diseases department of the hospital or the ICU (intensive care unit). Mode - ward, bed or semi-bed. The diet No. 2 or No. 7 according to Pevzner is shown (restriction of the intake of sodium ions with control of the level of incoming fluid).

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Treatment aimed at the cause of brucellosis is most effective in the acute period, that is, in the first three days of the disease (short courses). With a long course of the disease (subacute and chronic forms), the course of therapy should be at least six weeks. Before starting therapy, it is necessary to introduce a standard therapeutic dose of clozapine in order to avoid the development of an allergic Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (occurs due to the massive death of bacteria and the release of a large number of their antigens).

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Tetracycline group drugs, aminoglycosides, sulfonamides are used. A specific scheme is prescribed by a doctor (preferably with experience in the treatment of brucellosis) based on the form of the disease, the previous treatment. Taking into account the initial toxicity of drugs and the multiple side effects of their combinations, it is recommended to conduct treatment in a hospital under the supervision and cover of anti-inflammatory drugs.allergic agents. From the arsenal of pathogenetic therapy that suppresses the mechanisms of development of brucellosis, intravenous infusion of glucose-salt solutions, 5% glucose is widely used.

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Colloidal solutions are contraindicated. In case of heart failure, cardiac glycosides are used, in arterial hypertension - dopamine, in case of kidney dysfunction - diuretics, hyperbaric oxygenation (oxygen treatment in a pressure chamber), enterosorbents can be used in short courses. In severe forms, plasmapheresis and hemosorption (methods of blood purification) are indicated. Discharge of patients is carried out with a stable normalization of body temperature, the absence of clinical symptoms and the normalization of basic laboratory tests.

With timely treatment and the absence of complications, especially acute renal failure and hemorrhagic syndrome, the prognosis is relatively favorable. With the development of these complications, a long-term neglected course of the disease, disability and death are possible.

Brucellosis is a disease characterized by damage to the musculoskeletal system, nervous, reproductive and other systems. Brucella are stable in the external environment. They remain in water for more than 2 months, in milk - 40 days, in cheese - 2 months, in raw meat - 3 months, in salted meat - up to 30 days, in wool - up to 4 months. Brucella die when heated and under the influence of many disinfectants.

Brucella is not transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person. The reservoir and source of infection are domestic animals (sheep, goats, cows, pigs, less often dogs). Infection with brucellosis from sick animals occurs by contact, food and air routes. Infection by contact occurs especially often when amniotic fluid gets on the skin (help with calving, lambing, when caring for newborn calves, lambs). Veterinarians, calves, shepherds, etc. are often infected. Infection can also occur through contact with the meat of infected animals, with manure.

Brucella penetrate through the slightest damage to the skin. Food contamination often occurs through raw milk, as well as through the use of dairy products (feta cheese, cheese, butter). Airborne infection can occur when dust containing brucella enters the respiratory tract (in grazing areas and in sheep pens), as well as in laboratories in violation of safety regulations. This route of infection is relatively rare. People of working age are more likely to get sick (18.

In most cases, this is an occupational disease. Brucellosis occurs when more than 10 microbes enter the body. The gates of infection are microtraumas of the skin, mucous membranes of the digestive organs and respiratory tract. At the site of the infection gate, no changes develop. Brucella reach the lymph nodes through the lymphatic pathways. Reproduction and accumulation of microbes in brucellosis occurs mainly in the lymph nodes, from which brucella periodically enter the bloodstream. Brucellosis is characterized by a pronounced allergic restructuring of the body.

The incubation period for acute onset of brucellosis can last about 3 weeks, but incubation can last several months. The acute septic form is characterized by high fever (39-40°C and above). Despite the high and very high body temperature, the patient's state of clozapine remains good (at a temperature of 39 ° C and above, the patient can read books, play chess, watch TV, etc.). This form of brucellosis does not threaten the life of the patient, even without treatment, it ends in recovery.

After suffering brucellosis, immunity is formed, but it is not very long and re-infection is possible after 3-5 years. Not every infection leads to the development of the disease. The response probably depends on the state of the immune system.

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In some individuals, the infection proceeds without any manifestations, in others a rapid infectious process develops or proceeds as a chronic one from the very beginning. In people with very weak immune systems, even a live brucellosis vaccine can cause a disease-like reaction.